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Golf car shuttles have become an essential tool for many businesses. Apartments, hotels, medical clinics, construction companies, furniture stores, plumbing companies, valet companies, etc. have all found golf car shuttles the ultimate in shuttling guests around their properties. Adding a company logo to your vehicle enhances any business. There are many types as seen below. Again, we offer new, used and refurbished shuttles to fit your needs and your budget.

Financing is available for as few as one vehicle!


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Tomberlin E 4  


Shuttle your guests with class!

Tomberlin Emerge-4, electric shuttle that will go 30 miles on 1 charge. The E-Merge is a Street Legal NEV. A third seat may be added to carry 6 passengers.

2 year or 10,000 mile warranty.





Tomberlin E Merge 4  


Include accessories are custom wheels, seat belts, 4 wheel braking, a windshield, speed odometer, unique key, head lights, tail lights, brake lights, blinkers, windshield wiper, a colored top 3 mirrors, and a top speed of 25 miles per hour.


EZGO Shuttle 6  


This EZGO shuttle 6 comes in gas or electric and many colors to choose from.

3 year warranty standard.



Refurbished shuttle 6 passenger electric  


This is a refurbished EZGO shuttle 6.

Refurbished cars have the following items new, bodies, seats, top, batteries, cables, charger harness assembly, brakes and hub caps, trim and side rocker panels.


EZGO Shuttle 2+2  


The EZGO Shuttle 2+2

We stock lots of new, used, and refurbished Shuttle 2+2's.

We can set them up with all kinds of options.

Seat kits, short top or extended top, head lights and tail lights, blinkers, brake lights, windshieds, weather enclosures, security light and lots more. Add your logo to make it your own.


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Shuttle inventory   Showroom shuttles
showroom shuttles   seat kit and flipped kit
refurbished shuttle  


Here's a refurbished 2002 EZGO with a standard top and a back seat kit.

Looks like new at a fraction of the price.


Stacy Furniture company shuttle  


We can customize any car with your company logo or personalize it with your name, college, etc.

The possibilities are endless!

Advertise your business logo   Berkley's Plumbing
refurbished shuttle  custom seats   UT Logo Shuttle
Refurbished EZGO shuttle  


Here's a used Hunter Green EZGO shuttle.

All our used and refurbished cars are certified by company technicians and all come with a 1 year warranty on all parts and labor.





2005 refurbished shuttle  


This is a refurbished 2005 PDS car.

This PDS can have a speed chip or a hill chip added.

Lot's of colors are available.

Red, Black, Blue, Charcoal, Champagne, Green, Yellow just to name a few.


Shuttle 2+2 - Seahawks   Custom Cars
E Merge street legal 2+2 shuttlel with the bling bling wheels   E Merge shuttle / street legal
Viper Blue ST Express  


This is the NEW ST Express by EZGO.

All items seen here are standard on the car. Lift kit and custom wheels, two tone seats, lights, and a new really cool top.

Available in gas or electric models.


Black ST Express  



You can get his car with a 3rd seat kit on the back or a wooden cargo box that dumps.


Roadster limo - Classic white  


The ultimate in luxury shuttles for the most classy ride. The Roadster from American Custom Cars comes in a 4 seater or the stretch limosine shown above. Custom paint jobs make your Roadster unique. There are not limits!


Roadster Limo - Jet black  

Roadster Limo