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We sell 4 lines of LSV's - Tomberlin, EZGO, Garia, and a UTV LSV by American Sportworks. Also EZGO has just released the new HYBRID 2Five LSV, we have 1 in stock now.

Information on Tomberlin and EZGO 2five LSV's below, Garia and American Sportworks have their own individual tabs.

A LSV (low speed vehicle) is a vehicle that is approved by the Texas Department of Transportation to be driven legally on roads with a maximum of 45 mph speed limit. The Tomberlin group has several approved LSVs available, the E-Merge and the Anvil They are affordable, practical, fun vehicles for running errands and local commuting.   These street legal electric cars are also a viable alternative to paying high gas prices. These vehicles are equipped with seat belts, lighting, special windshields, 4 wheel disc braking, along with other safety equipment.  Side mirrors, speedometer, odometer, turn signals, and key system that is unique to the car, all are standard features. Ths state changed the law in 2009 and said that no longer can a standard golf cart be retrofit and titled, only cars that are built at the factory as a LSV will be allowed to be tag and titled.

The new ANVIL and the EZGO 2-Five LSV's are out and ready for delivery. Place your order now, limited supplies this year

Be sure you are buying though a licensed dealer, read notice below.

Emerge SS-LS package



With an LSV Cart you can safely drive to your neighborhood golf course, play 18 holes and stop by the grocery store on your way home.  It is a small, aggressively styled, two passenger, street-legal, electric car that can charge overnight on a standard 110 volt outlet and have a range in excess of 30 miles.  It is targeted to individuals in local neighborhoods and communities for running errands, commuting, golf and other recreation. Its powerplant will generate almost 11 kilowatts making it capable of a top speed of 25 mph and giving it the ability to aggressively climb hills.  It has 4 wheel braking, seat belts, tip-over-bar, lights and is street legal.  The E-merge is offered in 8 colors and a seat kit is available to accommodate four passengers. We will title and liscense the car for you and this vehicle does not require an annual inspection sticker.


Link to for more information.

Emerge LE  

Tomberlin E Merge 2

The E merge is now available in a Blue, Red, Black, Yellow, Silver, Grey, Orange, and White. Accessories include a back seat kit with seat belts, a full enclosure made by Tampa G, glass windshield, windshield wiper, woodgrain dashboard and a woodgrain sport steering wheel, and low profile chrome wheels, stereo systems with ipod players.

Come test drive it and see why they are the hottest new car on the market.

Notice: We will title the car for you. Any dealer selling these units must have a dealer's license to be able to title the car. You do not want all the hassles of getting the title and registration for the vehicle, or even worse paying more tax than necessary. Most tax offices and non-licensed dealers are not aware of all the rules on these new LSV's, and many problems do occur.

Be to ask the dealer if they can title the car for you before you buy somewhere else, even if you are buying a used unit.


Indoor inventory  


All our inventory is stored in doors, not left outside in the elements, you get a new car when you buy a new car.



Indoor inventory   Indoor inventory

2012 Tomberlin Line Up


* E-Merge E-2

* E-Merge E-2 LE

* E-Merge E-2 48SS

* E-Merge E-2 LS

* E-Merge E-2 LS Elle ( pink )

* E-Merge E-2 AGC Custom 48SS - LS package







* E-Merge E-2 Collector's Edition Blackwood

* E-Merge E-2 Collector's Edition Shelby Cobra GT-500

* E-Merge E-2 AC Drive performance engine pkg

* E-Merge E-2 All Weather Encompass Edition

* E-Merge E-4 LE ( 4 passenger forward )

* Anvil LSV

* Vanish 4x4 LSV


E Merge / red   2012 red LS package
2010 E-2 LE   E Merge / blue
Carroll Shelby - limited edition -  $ 16k   Carroll Shelby limited edition
2010 E-2 LE  Lolly pop red   2010 E-2 gun metal grey
2010 E-2 orange LE   2010 black E-2
The Carroll Shelby SS   E-2 champagne 2010
Black LS custom rims   Custom suite seats

2010 E-2 white


2010 E-2  Custom AGC

SS" E Merge 2  


The SS" E Merge, an upgraded E-2.

The SS' comes standard with 12" low profile chrome wheels, custom formed padded seats, special red and black SS' decals, LED back tail lights, inside overhead dome light, upgraded glass windshield, wood grain steering wheel and cup holders, all for a $1000 more than the standard E-2, the wheels are worth $800 alone.

Comes in Black or White only.


See below the SS with a back seat kit



SS' E merge as a 2+2   SS' seat kit
SS" model with back seat kit, custom enclosure, Wide spoke custom wheels, Stereo system, custom ostrich custom seat covers, custom decals   Stereo speakers and ostrich seats
E merge 2 - Full enclosure and seat covers   E merge 2- full enclosure and seat covers
The encompass   Doors open and come completely off for summer time
LSV's are great to cruse to the nearest Burger shop, come by and I'll take you for a ride.   Tomberlin Truck
custom suite seats   rear suite seat
Limited edition yellow 2+2   Whitle classic LS
2+2 with custom seats   really cool
singe orange 2+2   LE 2+2
Back seat kit, seat belts and floor lights   E Merge back seat
LSV custom 3 in 1 seat kit   LSV cargo car
E Merge 4 - Black   E-4 LE blacked out with wake board speakers
E-4 Singe orange   E-4 Custom
E-4 Shuttle with a seat kit   E-4 custom enclosure
E-4 stripe and wheels  

E-4 with Custom seats


Tomberlin Truck / E Merge 2's   SS Low Profile chrome wheels
The new 'Anvil  


The Anvil is a no-compromise Aggressive Neighborhood Vehicle.  It is a purpose built automobile designed from the ground-up to meet the needs of the local commuter.  The ANVIL offers a unique appearance, stability and safety to its drivers.  The rear axle has also been pushed back to accommodate a folding, forward facing, rear seat.  The ANVIL will appeal to a wide range of buyers.  It is a utility and multi-purpose truck with over 48" between the wheel wells.  With its large trunk it can be used to run errands, and on weekends the rear seats can be folded up so a family of four can comfortably ride together.  The ANVIL can also be charged overnight with a standard 110 volt outlet giving it a range of over 50 miles.  It is a game changer!

This car will only be sold though select licensed dealers.


Sport wheel, CD, MP3 player   hard doors
  • Four wheel hydraulic braking
  • AC drive power plant
  • 72 volt power supply
  • On board 110 volt dital charger
  • Double A-Arm front suspension
  • Automotive tire and wheel package
  • Wide stance stability
  • Functional interior
  • Innovative space frame design
  • Automotive instrument cluster
  • Stow-away seating in the rear
  • Rigid box tube frame
  • Street legal on roads up to 35 mph


  • 3 point seat belts in front, 2 point in the rear
  • Solid door enclosure
  • Folding, forward facing rear seat
  • Adjustable front seats accomodate anyone
  • Dual-setting heated front seats
  • Head lamps, tail lamps, turn signals
  • High mount center brake lamp
  • Premium automotive wheels
  • Downhill regenerative braking
  • Operator controls on the steering column
  • MP3, CD, AM, FM, 45 watt stereo
  • Large radius windshield wiper
  • Horse power 50+

We' ve made eco-friendly transportation not only available, but affordable, exhilarating and stylish.

Zero emission doesn't have to be boring

custom color green   yellow Anvil
happy campers   size comparision
red Anvil   grey Anvil
Texas Longhorn Anvil   Oklahoma Sooner Anvil
Police Anvil   Police E-2

The EZGO 2Five LSV

and the Hybrid 2Five LSV

* A new spin on the family sedan

* 2 and 4 passenger options

* AC drive engine

* Automatic park brake

* 12 color options

* Hybrid available now too

  custom rims
custom rims   classic white
2 passenger with bag attachment   2 passenger